Principal Cast

Alison Miller

Becca Heady

Alison Dian Miller was born in Cincinnati, Ohio to two artists from Kentucky. Clifford Thomas Miller II, her Father, an entertainer in the tri-state was one of Alison’s inspirations. Her Mother Sue, is a painter and interior designer. She had a natural knack for architecture and color… her talent was not only aesthetically beautiful it was truly ahead of its time. Hence, Alison’s call to entertain was her destiny. After many plays in school and college she moved to NYC; to pursue her career.

In New York, she attended Herbert Berghoff & Uta Hagen studios aka H.B. studios where she was trained in the Meisner method. She attained some traction by performing in a few off-broadway plays but yearned to be a film actor. She left for Los Angeles and made her way on daytime television appearing on Days of Our Lives. Continuing her education in the Meisner technique she found herself studying at The Joanne Baron and D.W. Brown studio. There she was a force that no one could contain!

After graduation she has appeared in the controversial Warner Brothers film “The Devil’s Advocate starring Keanu Reeves, Charlize Theron and Al Pacino. She has starred and guest starred in many films and television series to date, and continues to write and direct as well. She loves the entertainment industry and all it has to offer. She is directing her third PSA for the environment – her first passion next to the arts!


Joseph Miller

Tim Heady

Joseph Miller Moved to LA to Continue his Acting Studies at UCLA. He was in the MFA Program under Edward Kaye-Martin. Later he continued his studies with Playhouse West studying directly with Robert Carnegie. Fellow students while Miller attended Playhouse West were Michelle Pfeiffer, Ashley Judd, James Franco.. Jeff Goldblum also taught at Playhouse West.

He took Classes with Stella Adler, Charles Conrad, Martin Landau and George Maharis from the Route 66 Series.

Joseph Miller is a songwriter (pop, country, R&B) and star tenor saxophone player who toured with Ike Turner and Tina Turner. He studied songwriting in Los Angeles with Al Kasha and Robin Frederick. He’s written the lyrics to the African hit “Badonka Donk Lady” and the R&B Religious “Down to the River,” and dozens of additional songs with lyrics, music, and producing credits.


Joe Coffey

Charlie Heady

Scottish audiences just saw Joe in the original play titled These Streets at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival this past summer.  Recent film credits include East of Middle West, Dark Arrows and Guest of Honor.  Commercially, Joe has been one of the faces of the Dodge car company for the past 5 years portraying 1920s Detroit auto-founder, Horace Dodge.  He is represented by Eileen O’Farrell Management, 90210 Talent and Abrams Artists Agency.